Halls of Amnesia | Trailer by Tonybuttface


Halloween Maze Event – Challenge 1

Thank you Everyone for coming! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you didn’t make it you can still run through the maze and acquire a halloween token, which you can turn into Zey for your prize. The maze portal is just under the new admin building in the portal room.

The first maze run was streamed on Youtube. Watch it below ๐Ÿ™‚

Server Update! 1.12.2, PvP Dueling, New Admin Shop, Races, New Monthly Artifact, and Upcoming Events

Hello everyone,

An update has been made for the server. Some quality of life changes as well as new features and events. So let’s get started ๐Ÿ™‚

Server Updated to 1.12.2

TAW has been updated to the latest Minecraft version. So update your client ๐Ÿ™‚

New Admin Shop

A new grand admin shop has been constructed at Oak’s Rest! The new building contains many more items and even specialty items you cannot get anywhere else. It will also include a PvP lobby and a portal room. More details about PvP soon!

Who are you? Races!


You can now choose your race! To begin, type the command /rc.ย If you currently have a Mortal title, your first race change is free. After that it will incur a quarts fee to change your race.

New Monthly Artifact

Welcome to October! And with it, a new artifact!

The Divine Rift-Fighter Chestpiece
Blessed by the gods themselves to aid mortal in the throes of a rift.
Provides complete immunity to fire, as well as sets foes aflame.

Halloween Maze Event!

Saturday October 14th at 5 pm EST

Several events are being planned by the MementoMori faction on the server. The next event will be a Halloween Maze event with new Brew Recipe prizes. More details will be provided on the discord as well as discussion.


Server Meeting 9th October 2017

Hello everyone,

Today we held another server meeting. Up for discussion were topics such as server donations, admin shop changes, pvp arena, safezone exploits, new brewery recipes, and more.

To donate to The Ancient World, please visit the following page. Raising a total of $60USD will allow us to pay server fees for the next 3 months.


See the video below to watch the recorded livestream. Skip to 6 minutes for meeting begins.


ZHorses come to TAW.

Thank you everyone for your feedback at our last server meeting. We now have the Zhorses plugin on the server!


  • Claim any wild horse, donkey, mule or llama.
  • Name and rename at will your claimed horses.
  • Watch your horses names take the color of your permission group.
  • Exchange your horses with other players…
  • Or put them up for sale !
  • Protect your horses against a customizable list of damages.
  • Lock your horses to prevent any theft attempt…
  • But share them with your friends !
  • Teleport your horses to you.
  • Send them back to their stable.
  • Resurrect them with their full inventory.
  • Go through the list of commands to discover all the features ! (Not all features available on our server)

Plugin Page:ย