Upcoming Server Meeting & fundraising.

Upcoming Server Meeting
Saturday March 9th, 5pm est

2019-03-03_13.37.46Drakortha asks that you attend.

Our first server meeting of 2019 will be held this weekend. We ask that you attend, or at least leave a sign on the meeting board to be discussed.

It’s simple – take the airship portal at Port Orange to be teleported to the meeting area. Knock off an empty sign on the topic board and put it back with your ideas, questions, or concerns. We will then all lend further discussion on each and every topic on the board.


Server Fundraising
Buy a pet has returned!


With The Ancient World newly Reopened, we’re going to need some funds to pay for server upgrades & other fees. So what better way to do this than to bring back pets!

Donations are in tiers, and each tier will grant you access to a different set of pets & their variations. You’ll have the ability to rename your pet, customize them, ride them, wear them as a hat, have them follow you on your adventures and carry things for you.

If you already purchased a pet tier the last time they were available, you should already have your pets available to you in-game. No need to repurchase – but consider buying a tier for your friends, or simply donating. Every donation helps keep us online.

The tiers are as follows;

Tier 1 – $1 Donation

  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Bat

Tier 2 – $2 Donation

  • Silverfish
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie
  • Creeper
  • Witch
  • Spider
  • Squid

Tier 3 – $3 Donation

  • Wolf
  • Slime
  • Enderman
  • Mushroomcow
  • Snowman
  • Rabbit

Tier 4 – $4 Donation

  • Blaze
  • Ocelot
  • Cavespider
  • Magmacube
  • Guardian
  • Pigzombie
  • Polarbear
  • Irongolem

All Tiers – $8+ Donation


Be sure to leave your Minecraft username in the comment section so we can deliver your pets to you! Once you have successfully received your pets, read the online guide to learn all about your new friends!

After you have completed your purchase, Drakortha will deliver your pets to you in-game. Then simply type /petswitch to switch between all of your pets.




Souls Escape Exile

Many souls were lost long ago along the shores of Shaurekoth Durn. However, a few brave enough to face the depths of the cold abyss found a doorway back to their earthly bodies on the Ancient Realm.

And with the first souls passing through this doorway a vacuum was created for all other souls to pass on through as well. Welcome back everyone!

Grumfisst – the first soul to pass through the doorway




The Ancient World Reopening!

The Ancient World will be reopening once again this coming weekend, starting on the Night of March 1st. 

Ancient World Reopening

The entire of the Ancient World map will be available for play, including all the continents. Faction Data from last year is still intact. So if your territory was correctly claimed before we left for Shaurekoth Durn, it should still be protected from looting. Player data also remains intact.

The server will be running Minecraft version 1.12
Our new server IP is

Join our discord for further discussion or any questions, and we look forward to seeing you all on March 1st! https://discord.gg/vPym86z

Blue Peaks Recovery Project

It’s been a few days now into the Blue Peaks Recovery Project. A very small team of us have been working in Blue Peaks on a large scale cleanup/recovery. We felt like it was time to retire Blue Peaks as a major location for rifts and other destructive events.

Here are some examples of changes around Blue Blues.

bluepeaks ironhammer

meteor strike bluepeaks

It’s been over a thousand years (in lore) since the first Age of Darkness. During this time, blue peaks was bombarded with dozens of rifts, meteors, and massive undead attack. It’s also been through various other intense ages such as Age of Darkness II, Age of Rifts II and the Dark Moon Events.

All of this was caused by Terth’s hold over the region – which has now been released after his defeat at the end of Age of Rifts II, imprisoning him on Shaurekoth Durn.

Many more changes are coming to the TAW map. Check the world map render to see them as they come!

The Aquatic World

The Aquatic Update Has Arrived!!!

We are now running Minecraft version 1.13 and with it, a new water world to play on!

Whitelist information.

Starter Island
This is where you will start off on your first steps into this Aquatic world! Stay to say hello and have a chat, or take off from the dock using one of the supplied boats.

Just follow the signs!
Here are some things you may find on our little island. Help yourself to some wheat for nourishment. And there’s a crafting table inside the storehouse you can use. Make yourself at home and use our beds upstairs to skip the night and drive away the new phantom flying mob!

The Phantom!
Everyone who resides on our island are well aware of the creature that now lurks in the skies above. You wont expect them until the last second! Beware when working for long periods outdoors overnight. Sleeping in a bed occasionally will draw Phantoms away, as they are attracted to insomnia. Which builds on your character the longer you go without rest.2018-07-15_20.12.16

Drowned zombies!
They’re my personal favorite!

To visit the Aquatic  world, select version 1.13 in your Minecraft launcher, then enquire on our discord about being whitelisted.

More server information.