Port Orange Redux Competition – CONCLUDED!

Hello everyone,

The time has come to finally conclude the Port Orange Redux competition. Thank you everyone for your participation in the builds. The winning build has been chosen, but will take some time before it is implemented as our new spawn (likely with our next server update).

In the meantime, all of the builds are now available for download by everyone for viewing, or to be further worked on by their creators if they choose to do so.


New Map Render 2017!

Hello everyone!

I believe it is now time for a map render update. I will set the date for March 28th. I want to give everyone enough time to tidy up/complete their builds for the render, and to provide new points of interest.

TAW 2014

If you know of any builds, ruins, or locations on the map that you believe need a map label, please let me know by leaving it in a comment here, emailing it to me, or by posting it in our Discord chat subsection.



The Port Orange Redux Competition Begins NOW!

The Port Orange Redux Competition!

Begins NOW!

Port Orange Redux Guideline:

(note: this is not a strict guideline, it includes personal & community requests)

  • The Competition begins on December 1st, and will run through the weekend and the entire month of december. No rush! The competition will end when we feel like everyone’s had a good go.
  • Try to follow the original blueprint of port orange to retain its identity, as port orange is in many ways a historical landmark on our server. A combination of old and new is desired.
  • Certain buildings & attractions shouldn’t be completely demolished. Such as the serpents den & the bath house.
  • The bath house needs a new entrance, preferably in a new building.
  • the mall could use work on its design, make it look nicer, and not simply functional.
  • old tall trees need to be cut down. newer nicer looking trees added.
  • improved roads, realign/redesign signs and light placements?
  • derelict buildings removed or repaired, or given new function.
  • beaches and grassy areas fixed up.
  • a new portal room/chamber would be very much appreciated! a portal room/chamber will eventually contain portals to new maps, such as a creative world. This would be highly regarded if implemented well
  • keep new players in mind – first impressions are important and so is accessibility to new players. Spawn should be in-depth if seeked out, but should also offer the most important basics first and foremost.
  • A new, up-to-date server guide would be highly regarded.

The Prizes:

1st Place $30USD, 1000 Quarts, Legendary Sword.

2nd Place – 1000 Quartz, Legendary Helmet.

3rd Place – 500 Quartz, Legendary Boots.

Runner Ups – 200 Quartz. (for participating)

Prizes are awarded to the owner of the portal only. It is up to you how to distribute among your faction & friends.