About TAW

The Ancient World is an old server created by Drakortha Productions.
Starting off as a single player map and advancing into a multiplayer server, it has progressed through the years and is now a great open world in which you can find history in the farthest corners.

You can create your own faction from the get-go, recruiting those who will join, and make of it what you will. Will you become the most fearsome warlord the world has known? The wittiest innkeeper? The wiliest merchant? It is up to you to decide.

Our community at it’s core is truly a gem. Helpful players with a fairly wide age range. Players who have played or even those who have left will agree that the community is fantastic, and makes the server what it is. The admins are active and are as helpful as possible. We do our best to make your time comfortable, within reason of course.

So far this year has been set solely on the continents, a cluster of smaller islands. The Ancient Land has just re-opened for exploration. The new mainland is to be open soon and will provide a perfect canvas for newcomers to start on. Exciting times!

Lore Summary

A world filled with history. A history filled with war, with fortune, and with tragedy.

The Ancient World.
Over 400 years ago, the original settlers of the world opened their world to outsiders. As one, newcomer and Ancients worshipped the Gods and lived in harmony with one another.

However, over time the lands were populated with groups, each with their own motive. Some of these groups were happy to live a simple lifestyle of a farmer, or merchant. Some preferred to seek glory in whatever honorless ways came to mind first.
As these groups progressed in power and confidence, the Ancient Gods began to lose hope in the people that had inhabited their world. Less and less reward came from worship.

It was only a matter of time before the Gods abandoned the people completely.

Without their protection we were left open for destruction from a new force; Terth, the corrupt God. He purged our land with his rifts. Rifts destroyed anything in their path. Piles of ash and ruin replaced the beautiful cities that many called home.

Those who survived the rifts ended up falling back to one final location. Ironhammer.

Ironhammer was a grand Dwarven city. As people moved downward, the air outside grew colder. The sky, darker.
The Age of Darkness fell upon the world, eventually ending it after Ironhammer was devastated by legions of Terth’s minions.

The Ages

The Ancient World is fairly unique in that it goes through different ages. Each age introduces an exciting new mixture of game-changing plugins. For example, the Age of Undead was focused around Mob Apocalypse. The world was covered in zombies and traversing the land was difficult. The Age of Darkness saw the world plunged into an eternal night, where players took damage in the cold without wearing appropriate gear.

Age of Ancients – to the world being open to all. Simple times.
Age of Gods – Early after the world had opened, new settlers. God worship was prominent.
Age of Rifts – Terth’s first attacks against the people. Rifts emerged across the world.
Age of Undead -The leftover hordes from Terth’s rifts plagued the lands.
Age of Gods II – After the lands were cleansed by the Gods, the people returned to worship.
Age of Darkness – Abandoned by the Gods, the land fell into an eternal night.
Age of Continents – descendants of survivors start life anew on distant continents.
Age of Orrostar – A new civilization risesAge of Darkness II – The people of the world return to the old mainland to claim it once again from Terth’s darkness

Age of Exploration (Current) – Darkness is purged from the land and Terth’s undead is forced to infest underground. The overworld once again belongs to the Gods & the righteous.


Current Spawn – Port Orange