World Map

map update


22 comments on “World Map

  1. ahmad says:

    when will this be ready? or is it just me who cant seem to join?

  2. bambam213 says:

    any news on the server?

  3. Anon says:

    I wish it would come out 😦 I love this server.

  4. Caelan Thuett says:

    What is the ip address because I have been trying to join but no success the other ips may not be up to date but every time i try it either say connection timed out or something to do with a host. It looks like an awesome server would love to play.

  5. ahmad says:

    is there a confirmed IP?
    i am really looking forward to this since most servers just have lost that sense of ‘hardcore’, but this, this looks REALLY promising.

  6. Brandon Page says:

    Is this still going to happen.

  7. Anon says:

    I miss this server so very much.

  8. Brandon Page says:

    I am okay with the Idea of opening up the hole map, I would like to claim my base. But even if not it would be nice to have people come and see the place’s of old for once. Hell I wouldn’t even mined having some neighbor’s. Do take note there’s no one for almost 10,000 block’s form me last I remember. -brandonp1996

  9. The Bam Of 213 says:

    Opening up the hole map is a great idea but without TP it will be a pain going from orrostar to old mainland.

  10. Brandon Page says:

    You know bring back the bouts would need to be back, I know there’s still a bout next to dead wolf.

  11. Anon says:

    ded server

  12. SpartanCthuett says:

    Just logged on and I have been robbed nearly all of my valuables have been stolen and that is about 4 to 5 hours down the drain of collecting resources and smelting armor. And all my chests had the [privet] sign that was so-posed to lock it but some how they still got in and stole it. And other houses in the town have also been hit as well.

  13. SpartanCthuett says:

    And that really hacks me off seriously why go and steal someone’s stuff. And the sad thing is they stole two sets of armor, wool, saplings, tools, and a lot of building supplies, as well as almost all my food. But they did leave me one wheat and that is it.

  14. SpartanCthuett says:

    Me and a few others where wondering will there be a map for the server or will there be an updated one on your website?

  15. SpartanCthuett says:

    Well I am sorry I didn’t know you couldn’t you rei’s minimap on the server and I got banned. Sorry if I am banned forever then sorry. It was a fun server while I was able to play. But the player that is named Jakeman has been griefing me for the past couple of days and I wanted payback. Sorry for using the map didn’t know it was against the rules.

  16. SpartanCthuett says:

    And I am truly sorry for using the map for radar I was blinded by my goal to take him down for killing me almost every day this week. I have never cheated purposely before on any server that I play on because I believe that if someone is going to take the time and money to let people play on a server that they should be respected and if they put rules on the server that they should be respected as well. I am truly sorry for what I did. If I am never aloud to play on the server ever again then so be it.

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