TNW – Missing Wealth


Lignumn, the Arroyo General store merchant, is offering a reward for his lost shipment of diamond blocks, which went missing somewhere over The New World..


Two locations have already been discovered by players, full of the riches of the old world. But still there’s half left to be found! Help us find these forbidden riches and restore balance and order to our new world.



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13 comments on “TNW – Missing Wealth

  1. zach3397 says:

    So me and Coldwave get a reward for finding two stacks then?

    • drakortha says:

      your reward is not being banned for using cheats

      • zach3397 says:

        what are you talking about? Coldwave is the only one whom used them and he blatantly admitted to it to your face. What have i done that you accuse me of? What “Cheats” have i used?

      • drakortha says:

        you both were together while he was using cheats. they benefit the both of you as you play

      • zach3397 says:

        I did not know he used them until he told you. Your telling me that if 1 player cheats it means players who have worked with him must also have cheated? Your reasoning is flawed drak. Twice I’ve been falsely accused of cheating. You and Daniel both yet you display zero evidence of me cheating. Your just assuming that because coldwave used moveplus it somehow benefited me? Does not make sense. I don’t want to argue the point just want to get my point across to not include me into others actions.

    • Tobi says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Saying that they benefit both of you as you play is fairly sound logic: It’s like how Jakeman would always use Jamesbeneteau to x-ray diamonds during ages past.

      • zach3397 says:

        Yes but apparently he was using moveplus which only allows doublejumping and such. I had no idea he used it so I don’t understand how a mod that allows one player to move quicker benefits me when I had zero knowledge of him using it. You all think I knew and it benefited me but it didn’t as A. its only a movement booster and B. I HAD ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF HIM USING IT

    • anon says:

      Don’t you guys use Journey map? Y’know, the minimap that allows you to see where other players and entities are around you? That’s kind of a cheat

      • zach3397 says:

        Nope. The only thing i have knowledge of thats been used was moveplus by coldwave and since he was caught he no longer uses it. Other then that from my knowledge everyones legit

  2. Mander_Panders says:

    5+ hours of my diamond mining, my soul hurts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mining diamond has been a waste of time since like the second day of the server

      • Mander_Panders says:

        Well grumpus what do you think I did on the (or at least my) first day? Diamond mining wasn’t really much of a waste until it was lowered.

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