What’s going on?



Oh no, TAW is down.. Yes, the server is dead. And yes, I’ll decide to revive it when I’m ready to take on that challenge. For the moment, I’m occupied with other things. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head, but none of them are nearly developed enough yet to do anything, so I need more time to think them over.

For the time being I am totally occupied by other large projects! But even so, TAW is on my mind. The world means many different things to different people, and that makes it kinda important to keep alive. I hope some of you reading feel the same way about it as I.




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11 comments on “What’s going on?

  1. hansuuu says:

    O mai gat, dats me 😀

  2. stgdimartino says:

    I will be there when you revive the server.

  3. Skibs says:

    Fleet wins.

  4. hansuuu says:

    Plz no ):

  5. SenorCookie says:

    check out this new ballin site I found http://www.FleetWins.com

  6. GackelGaxter1 says:

    Fleet has done nothing. And will continue to do nothing.

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