Filming The Shaurekoth Durn Trailer

Last night, players from around The Ancient World gathered to participate in the upcoming trailer for Shaurekoth Durn.

trailer shot 1

From left to right;  Khiale, Litae, boyof2004, Mastromus, Osumaro, DoesNotCompute, Drakortha, Teechan, Ayleids, Oroboy, and Nrb.

Everyone worked together produce what we hope will be a fantastic trailer!
Down below is a sneak peak look at the trailer footage.

Sneak Peak – Shaurekoth Durn Trailer (Video Coming Soon)



Create A Mobzone Event – Creative Map Closed Early.

The creative portal has been closed early due to a potential exploit. We’re very sorry we couldn’t give you the entire week like we had intended. Although you may still continue any builds you have in single player and submit them once they are finished!

2018-02-11_17.49.15I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation over the last few days on the creative map. It’s because of you we’ve been able to further populate Shaurekoth Durn with areas to explore!


The Storm Draws Back! Terth’s Power Depleted, Age of Rifts is over.


The Riftstorm over The Ancient World has finally drawn back after the great Mortal Heroes of the realm fought back Terth’s forces tooth and nail, forcing Terth to be purged from the world once again.


The battle against the Doomsday Rift continued last night when a large meteor struck near the Fontaine Castle. The Rift that emerged here was eventually defeated, resulting in the final Doomsday heart to become vulnerable. The heart was in a very dangerous position and was guarded by an Elder Guardian.


Shortly after destroying the final heart, a gate appeared which opened a portal into one of Terth’s places of power. It was here where the strongest Mortals faced an avatar of Terth!


Terth’s avatar was defeated, resulting in Terth’s power diminishing from The Ancient World and ending this Age of Rifts. The mortals can once again bask in the glory of victory.


What does this mean now for TAW?

Having now completed this timeline, next month we will be following the alternative timeline on Shaurekoth Durn.


Stay tuned to the blog and our discord for updates!


Doomsday Rift Battle

Last night on The Ancient World a large battle occurred between Mortal Heroes & Terth’s Rifts, resulting in the Doomsday Rift becoming significantly weaker.

Doomsday Rift outside Fort Eden.


The Doomsday Rift outside the Eden Fort is responsible for many of the other Rifts occurring around the world and also the darkness in the sky. It’s hearts are made of Bedrock, which proves to be unbreakable without weakening them first.

To do this the Mortals struck at the hearts of other Rifts around the world in an effort to make the Doomsday Rift vulnerable for long enough to get at the bedrock hearts. After over 4 hours of constant fighting, It was largely successful with 3 out of 4 hearts destroyed on the Doomsday Rift.

Halycon Rift – Bal Fel


This Rift emerged from the water outside the old Halycon base. The battle here was fierce, with Mortals fighting against a powerful Witch and an Elder Guardian.

Izendorth Rift – Shady Sands 



The Izendorth Rift grew in size but was eventually defeated. But not before Izendorth was consumed completely.

When these Rifts were defeated, it opened up an opportunity for the Mortals to attack the hearts on the Doomsday Rift)
(The hearts turned from Bedrock into Obsidian, then finally mobspawners)

The Doomsday Rift became significantly weaker
After Mortals destroyed 3/4 of it’s hearts






The Create a Mobzone Event – Going Well!

Last night was the beginning of the week-long “Create a Mobzone” Server Event, where players are tasked with building mobzones for which to populate our new continent Shaurekoth Durn!

Some entries have already made it onto the new continent! Check them out below.

Abandoned Settlement & Cursed Land
Builders: Siberians

Evoker Mobzone
Builder: Mastronomus

Ruined Mines
Builders: KalBuldur Dwarves

And there will be many more throughout the week, I’m sure! Thank you everyone for your participation. Shaurekoth Durn is shaping up to be a very interesting landscape. We can’t wait for you to explore it for yourself soon!


Set Sail from Port Orange!

In an effort to reconnect the Ancient Portal Network and to bring some semblance of peace during the recent chaos, spawn has been moved to Port Orange and all portal services have been fully restored.

Port Orange Ship Services are now fully functional


Boat locations include:

  • Arch Fel
  • Euloria
  • Terth Valhalla
  • Dagon Fel
  • Old Mainland
  • Orrostar & The New Lands
  • Port Indigo

Portal Room Activated


The old portal room has been completely re-activated and provides quick transportation to historical sites, wilderness areas (for settlement), and to current events (Fort Oak as example)

Portal Locations Include:

  • Fort Oak (Formerly Oak’s Rest)
  • The Lifegrove (Orrostar)
  • Blue Peaks (Beastmasters)
  • Mesa Wilderness (New Lands)
  • Desert Wilderness (New Lands)
  • Wilderness Island 1 (Roofed Forest)
  • Wilderness Island 2 (Mushroom)
  • Molten Valley (Historic)
  • Baulkham Hills (Historic)
  • Old Ironheart (Historic)
  • Barossa Valley (Historic)

The Grand Bank 


The Grand Bank of Port Orange has been reserved by the server admin & staff to one day be our admin building & server shop. But it is currently closed due to the Rifts.

Create a Mobzone – Server Event!

Join us on the server tonight at 5pm EST (2pm PST) for our “Create a Mobzone” competition, where you’ll gain access to creative mode & a creative map to go wild with imagination, and contribute to the future of The Ancient World!

Event Portal is at Spawn.