Server Update! 17th August 2017

Hello everyone,

Thank you all once again for participating in our bi-weekly server meetings. It’s at these meetings I’m able to gather feedback & ideas for the server and then do my best to implement in these updates!

List of Changes:

  • Server Moved to the USA. 1280px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg

Since the majority our player-base are located in America, we have now moved the server over to the West Coast. If you play from America, you may appreciate the lower ping! It may take up to 24 hours for our address  to work. In the meantime, you can connect with

  • New Map Render This Sunday!

Our server map is being updated this Sunday. Just a few more days left to touch up your builds, and submit a map label on our discord:

map update

  • Server Performance Improvements.

We have taken steps at improving server performance. This was done by monitoring our plugins closely and cutting out plugins that were either unnecessary or were using too many server resources. We think you will notice the improved server performance.

  • New Vote Shop Items.

Check out the new items in the vote shop! Type “/vote” in-game to vote for our server. And type “/vote shop” to purchase the new items.


  • New Items:
  • Golden Apple – 60 Vote Points
  • 16x Purpur Blocks – 80 Vote Points
  • Shulker Box – 100 Vote Points


  • The Dark Moon will Rise Again.

This Saturday at 7pm EST, the Dark Moon will Rise again.. prepare yourselves.


Many more changes to come soon!

We have some more developments going on right now, so expect more great changes to the server soon. Thank you all, and we hope to see you on the Server!


Server Community Meetup August 13th

server meeting

Today we had the Server Meetup/Meeting on the server at our usual location at Euloria. It was a very productive meeting with a lot of new ideas and good discussion. The main topics of discussions this week were Anti cheat, gameplay changes, moving spawn, oaks rest, player run libraries, server performance, events, and much more!

See the video below for the livestreamed video. The meeting begins at the 20 minute mark.

The Dark Moon Has Risen


Last night on The Ancient World a powerful artifact was stolen from the Altar of Light deep within the ruins of Ironhammer. With this artifact removed from it’s safe resting place, Terth has awakened his undead army from their deep slumber to take over the world and claim the Shadow Tome for himself. With it, he will be able to reach his full power.

Watch our new video below for the brief story & video of the events which unfolded last night on the server.

World Changes During the Dark Moon world state:

  • Nights will be longer than days
  • Rifts will be more common
  • Mobs are now on the surface, and are absent in the underground
  • Mobs have new and powerful abilities

Server Update! 1st August 2017

Hello everyone,

Today the server has been updated with a few changes! I’m going to list them below and explain in some detail. Let’s begin!

Donate To Help Upgrade The Server

Currently, the Ancient World is sitting on the most basic server plan on Mcprohosting. This is due to the server being largely inactive throughout the past year. With your help, we can upgrade the server to a higher tier and get some better performance! We hope to raise the total amount of $90, which bring our server up to the “Lapis” server tier for 3 months. You can donate simply with paypal from the button below.


Brewery is BACK!

You all asked for it. You got it. Brewery has made a return on our server!


New Items in the Admin Shop

We now have 2 new items in the admin shop by request. Lapis Lazuli & Cobblestone.

New Public Portal Room

We now have a new Public Portal room at Oak’s Rest. Simple take the stairs down next to the Admin shop building (on the left side)


Within the Portal Room, players can rent their own portal space. Use this space to build a portal to your home, base, kingdom, wherever you like to give public access to others. Simply right click one of the portal signs to reserve the space. Portal Spaces are currently free, so reserve your portal before it’s too late!

If you need emerald blocks for your portal, you may purchase some for Nether Quartz.


Head Drops!

We now have Head Drops on the server!


Now mobs & even players will drop a head item when killed. Head drops for mobs are set quite low, but for players it is higher. But you must use a sword for the kill.

And that is all this week!

Thank you all for your suggestions at the community meetings. You’ve made some great suggestions and I hope you are all satisfied with the outcome from these suggestions. And please consider donating so we can get this server upgraded and get some better performance!

Server Community Meetup July 30th

The server meeting took place today at our usual meeting place at Euloria. Some of the topics we made headway on were server upgrading, oaks rest, claims discussion, brewery, more items in admin ship, fixing bugs, and more. Below is our Livestreamed video you can watch to catch all the discussions.

Discussions begin around 13 minutes.